~  As you can see the transaction went through. Thank you very much. That is a big help! I also wish to thank you very much for all your efforts to make this all happen. It seems like an enormous amount of work to complete the process of obtaining one policy. I would think that such a small premium would not yield very big financial rewards for all your hard work. That said, on my end, your being able to make affordable coverage happen has made it possible for us to continue doing what we like to do most ----- cruising to out of the way places. Our thanks does not put money in your pocket but I just wanted to be sure you know that your efforts are very much appreciated and they make a big positive difference in our lives. Thank you again and best wishes, Philip & Sharon s/v Evergreen

~  You have been so unbelievably patient, informative, and helpful.  You can bet that we'll recommend you to everyone we meet who's looking for insurance better suited for cruising! My husband has repeatedly said that with the pressures of planning a worldwide voyage, he knew he never needed to worry about the insurance because you were always on top of it. You were incredibly prompt, clear, concise, and walked us through the complicated process of obtaining the insurance that was best for us.  With warmest regards and sincere thanks,  Beth

~ My husband and I have reviewed the policies again and have made our decision. I appreciate your time and all the information you gave us.. Pam M.

~ Susan, we so appreciate all your effort on our behalf in helping us find coverage for our trip... Again, we appreciate your help and responsiveness.... We've been so happy to work with you! IWIS was recommended to us by our ... boating community. We'll post your name on that website as a contact for insurance.... Pat & Ian

~ I will follow up with you if I purchase the boat because I've been very happy with my IW IS experience so far. You guys have been great. Many thanks, Mike S.

~ This looks great, and thank you so much for your herculean efforts on this. Kimberly A.

~ You have been one of the most professional, helpful people to work with. I will get back to you soon. Thank you.
Best Regards, Debbie & Morris

~ Hello Susan: thank you so much for your prompt reply. I am so happy to be working with someone who understands our situation and circumstances so well!  Pam